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OneKindWord is a program of Family Resources in Pittsburgh, PA. It was conceived in early 2000 to change people's attitudes about stepping in to help parents and children struggling in public. Family Resources joined together with Family Communications, Inc. to develop and produce a video designed to teach retail store employees how to positively intervene when they witness parent-child conflict and child safety situations in their stores. Giant Eagle Corporation served as a retail partner throughout the development of the video, and in 2007, the OneKindWord workshop was piloted at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium . Staff and management there reported that it had increased their confidence and gave them the skills to intervene in these situations. They also reported that there had been an overall change in the internal culture; the environment became a kinder and more respectful place for those employed there. OneKindWord has since expanded into a program comprised of workshops, consultation, additional resources and publications for companies and individuals and the general public . In 2008, Family Resources launched the OneKindWord website, and national initiative.
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