Become a OneKindWord Place


OneKindWord offers a workshop designed for the general public, community and church volunteers. It will give you the tools to step in helpfully when you see stressed parents and children who are not safe. At the workshop, you will be provided with materials to pass on to others in your neighborhood, community or church group. You can also be certified to facilitate the workshop in your own personal network.

During these workshops, we address:

  • How to successfully identify parents who are struggling with their children or children who are in unsafe situations in public areas
  • How to remain calm and empathetic in these situations
  • What to say and do that is helpful and supportive to parents and children who are struggling in public

    Please contact us about your interest in OneKindWord upcoming workshops at our Family Retreat Center in Cranberry Township. In the meantime, if you see a parent and child struggling in public or a child who is unsafe, we encourage you to Try OneKindWord (PDF).

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