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Parent-child conflicts present risk to companies with regard to safety and liability issues, disruption of sales, and harm to their business image. Customers who are happy and feel valued are likely to stay longer, return more often and spend more money. Parents and families are valuable customers to any company, and yet, the stress of being in public with children often makes it an unpleasant experience.

We offer companies the following, to promote a safe and positive environment for families:

  • OneKindWord (workshop)  
  • Destinction as a OneKindWord Place on our website  
  • Consultation in making your company's environment family friendly - contact us for more information  
  • Tips for parents (brochures at your location)  

Companies that benefit from OneKindWord are:

  • retail establishments such as grocery stores, speciality stores, banks, shopping malls and restaurants  
  • entertainment venues such as zoos, museums, family fun centers, sports venues and amusement parks  
  • places that families access for services, such as hospitals or clinics, physician offices, airports, and public transportation systems

Keep in mind, HOW you say the words is just as important as WHAT you say. A calm, non-judgmental approach works best.

- OneKindWord